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Home Foreclosures in 2015

I recently received a question via Instagram on the subject of home foreclosures in 2015.  The person wanted to know if there would be a trend and if it would specifically impact seniors. I compared what I have been seeing in the market alongside some of the notes of my peers and here is what […]

Good News for 2015 Northern California Home Buyers

It is possible that 2015 will be the best year for Northern California real estate in many years. The recession is behind us, thus fear of making that big ticket purchase is also gone; more jobs are being created through San Francisco and the Northern California area, and the home buying market is thriving. There […]

Top “Senior Related “ Northern California Real Estate Market Trends in 2015

The upcoming year is expected to bring many changes to the real estate market in Northern California. Here we will take a look at four of the top trends that you should watch out for in the upcoming year when considering “right-sizing”.   Double Digit Sales There are 10 California cities whose home sales are […]

2015 Real Estate Tips for Seniors

Regardless if you’re in San Francisco or New York, the national real estate market is seeing the same trends for the last month of 2014 and first quarter of 2015- especially when it comes to seniors buying “right size” housing. This said, I put together a courtesy list of the top 3 real estate tips […]

Retire in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico? People Do!

We had a great opportunity to spend a week in Puerto Vallarta this spring.  It seems we go to Mexico every other year, either with friends or just to relax and enjoy the culture and climate. This trip, I met Sarah Elengorn a real estate agent with Applegate Realty in Puerto Vallarta.  Sarah answered a […]

California Tax Impound Schedule

Tax impounds have become the standard method for homeowners to pay their property taxes. Most banks prefer that you pay your taxes with your mortgage payment. Every month when you send your property tax payment to your bank, they hold your property tax payments in a non-interest bearing account until they are due. When the taxes […]

Senior Laughter

contemplating about whether I should share this joke with you, I started thinking about what it must be like living the golden years. The kidswhen they leave to go home. Yes, I think what is nice about being a senior is that we can live for ourselves. Many of the responsibilitiesnot a senior citizen yet, but I will be, and […]

Best Employers for workers over 50

Best Employer Award Every year AARP announces the award for the best employers for workers over 50. The complete list of winners include 50 companies from around the country who show exemplary practices for recruiting and retaining mature employees. The list includes companies from a variety of industries including nonprofit, for-profit, universities and universities. The […]

10 Fun Activities for Seniors

All right, this week I have put together a list of things active seniors can do during their Golden years. Grab your partner or your friends and pick and choose from all the fun activities I am about to show you. Unfortunately as we become older we tend to become sedentary and in order to […]

Health Apps for Seniors

Apps for your health We all use a Smartphone nowadays, and since it is always with us throughout the day, we might as well use it for things that are important to us. If you or someone in your family requires care than one good way of staying on top of things is to find […]

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