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Host Your Own Estate Sale…..

I was recently asked if I could help provide some pointers for a senior couple who I helped downsize their living situation to meet their current lifestyle needs. The request inspired me to write this blog. You see, too many seniors are under the impression that an estate sale has to come after they have […]

Senior Real Estate Specialist …..

I’m often referred to as Walnut Creek’s Senior Real Estate Specialist. While I am a real estate broker who focuses on senior real estate, I don’t mind being referred to as the city’s “go to” specialist or expert.  There are many benefits for working with someone, like myself, who is focused on the senior demographic. […]

Tips to Conserve Water in Walnut Creek

Yes, we are in a drought. It is time to buckle down on water consumption. Does this mean your property value is going down? No. In fact, in probably will go up based on limited availability. As the drought moves forward, more people want to hold on and reserve their properties making inventory a bit […]

Social Media & Real Estate

Recently, I have had several of my senior clientele ask me about social media and marketing their homes. Well, social media does have an impact on how homes are featured for the seller and to the buyer, but there is more to this. Social media companies are improving the price sellers are getting for homes […]

Do You Know Real Estate Terms

I received a note on Instagram the other day. Someone wanted me to spell out typical real estate “jargon” so they could be self-assured that they were up and about when it came to the industry terms we brokers and agents use. Well, that was a great suggestion. If you’re curious, or simply want to […]

Recent Real Estate Trend: Gas Prices

“Sam, you’re writing about gas prices on a real estate blog?”  If you just asked yourself this question, the answer is ‘Yes’… I’m writing about gas because it is part of the real estate trend this summer.  According to, “The late 2014 gift of lower gas prices (which could act as a $1,000 to […]

Safely Walking Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek, California is pretty safe. This doesn’t mean we haven’t been impacted by violent crime. We have. This said, our town is a walking town- especially for seniors.  I did some research and came up with 5 really important walking tips for not only seniors, but anyone who likes to walk for fitness reasons. […]

Top Two Real Estate Scams

It’s not a perfect world and I know this.  There are, unfortunately, scam artists in every city- no matter how pleasant, clean or affluent some may seem to be.  Right now, there are two very popular real estate scams hitting seniors. As a result, I want to address them on my blog. Please share this […]

3 House Hunting Tips

Are you looking for a home in the greater Walnut Creek area? If so, read these tips first. I put together three things all home-seekers should know before starting your search. I hope this is helpful. If you have questions, please contact me. I’m always available for a discussion and there is never an obligation […]

Bye McDonalds, Hello 2nd Whole Foods Location

If  you read my prior blog on Starbuck’s impact on real estate, you’re about to experience an even more powerful real estate price driver…. Whole Foods.  Walnut Creek, CA already has one Whole Foods store.  The city lost a McDonald’s and now we’re bracing for a second Whole Foods location within our city. The new […]

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